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Korean language introduction

Korean is the official language of both South and North Korea, spoken by about 75 million people. It features a unique script, Hangul, created in the 15th century. Korean names typically consist of a one-syllable family name followed by a two-syllable given name.

Characteristics of Korean Names

  • One syllable family name: Most Koreans have a single syllable family name, followed by a two-syllable given name.

  • Meaningful given names: Given names are often chosen for their meanings, which are derived from Hanja (Chinese characters) or purely Korean words.

  • Generation names: In some families, one syllable of the given name is shared by all siblings, indicating their generation in the family.

  • Influence of Hanja: While the use of Hanja in names is decreasing, many names still incorporate Chinese characters with specific meanings.

  • Modern and traditional mix: Recent trends include the use of purely Korean words as names, reflecting a mix of modernity and tradition.

  • Examples include 'Kim Min-jun', 'Park Ji-hyun', showing the structure and meaningful composition of Korean names.